Static Electricity

Em eef1000 at
Sun Dec 27 20:10:23 EST 1998

I need some help here, I am building up so much static electricity from my
nylon carpet at home,t hat I am getting shocks off every metal surface I
touch.  I work in a cell biology lab, and as you can imaginet his is
really inconvenient.  Added to this I get shocks off the door knobs as

Does anyone know of a way of preventing this happening apart from removing
my shoes before I touch anything?  The shocks seem to get worse the more
things I touch, so moving from the laminar flow hood to the water bath the
the freezer is very hazardous!

Any helpful suggestions welcomed.  Please email me personally as I do not
get to this newsgroup very often.

Thanks again

Emma Frost
(formerly of Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge UK)

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