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Doc. R. theschoolpage at
Thu Dec 31 08:46:44 EST 1998

Hello from The School Page, 
We are searching for individuals willing to help us monitor our Biology
Page. We need someone to write a monthly column on biology and someone
who will be able to act as our resident expert and answer questions.
Volunteers are given a byline. (Please look at our existing pages.

The amount of work will be minimal as we develop the listings and add
you as the resident expert. We would like you to suggest any other page
links that we do not have as you come across them.  We will do the
posting. We would like to add a small photo and a word or two about
you.  People might ask questions that you would get and answer. We ask
that you to send us a copy of any answers. You might be sharing this
site with other resident experts. If that happens, your actual
monitoring tasks would be less. If you are interested, do let us know
and send us your E-Mail, a brief resume and a photo. Tell us where you
are located and if you can respond in languages other than English. 

If you are interested, please e-mail us. 
Ray Lawrence Ph.D.
E-Mail: theschoolpage at

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