Degrees that make a difference

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Fri Feb 6 15:46:03 EST 1998

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University,
Bloomington, welcomes you to visit our new website at

* Request information on programs
* Speak directly to an undergraduate through our Ambassador Program.
* View our US News and World Report and Gourman Report rankings.

For over twenty five years, undergraduate and graduate students at the
School of Public and Environmental Affairs find employment in the
public, nonprofit and private sectors of society.  We offer degrees in
public affairs and environmental science with concentrations in the
following areas:

Public Affairs
 Public Management
 NonProfit Management
 Policy Analysis
 Comparative and International Affairs
 Public Financial Administration
 Environmental Policy and Natural Resources Management

Environmental Science
 Applied Ecology
 Environmental Chemistry
 Hazardous Materials Management
 Water Resources

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