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All of us are constantly bombarded by people hawking "unbelievable",
"once-in-a-lifetime", "get-rich-quick" business opportunities.  I graduated from 
Yale, became Commissioner of Housing in New York City, started a real estate
development company, and now own an 83-year-old diamond-cutting company.
Quite bluntly, I don't waste my time even listening to the pitch.

And yet right now, I'm telling eveybody I know (and, obviously, hundreds of 
people I don't know) about an opportunity available in the deregulation of
electricity that sounds just as outrageous as all the phony talk we've heard in 
the past.  The difference is that this is real.  And the urgency comes from the fact
that it will never happen again.  You might choose to read no further, but you
will never be able to say that you weren't there when business history 
was being made.


Know up front that your participation will not require start-up costs of more than
about $325 nor that you leave your current full-time job.  You should also know 
that deregulated electricity, albeit a $215-billion industry in the US alone, is only one 
component in a global master plan that will soon tap even larger markets in
internet commerce, telecommunications, and energy distribution. In all these
markets, our participation will be in partnership with the most respected names
in the corporate world.  We intend to do for all services entering homes, offices,
and factories what the supermarket did to individual food shops and what the
mall did to Main Street stores.  The historical trend to consolidation will
inevitably apply because the benefits will be the same: lower cost and greater
convenience. This is history in the making, and you can become a very rich 
player by finally being in the right place at the right time and taking action.


By the year 2002, the domestic electric utilities industry will be fundamentally
deregulated.  That means that the out-dated, costly, monopolistic utility 
providers, which we have always accepted like death and taxes,  will be
forced to compete in the open market with lower-cost, high-tech, 
entrepreneurial, service-oriented private companies.  Consumers will have
the  right to choose the source of their power and you will have the 
opportunity to sell it.  And it has all been done before.  In the 1970's, the 
airline industry deregulated and  the resulting competition destroyed established
companies and made fortunes for others.  In the 1980's, AT&T lost its monopoly
and now barely holds on to 50% of the market. Deregulated electricity is a far
bigger opportunity and you can begin to capitalize even before it happens. 

Our Company has  developed the multi-million-dollar infrastructure to support its goal
of becoming to deregulated electricity what MCI became to deregulated
telephone.  The distribution of our electricity will be made only through 
independent entrepreneurs who will profit not only every time a customer turns on a
light, but also, to an even greater extent, from their customers' use of all the other
services we will offer:  internet commerce, telephony of all kinds, home 
security, cable TV, and many more.  I encourage you particularly to ask us about
the Company's innovative strategy for capturing a major share of the rapidly growing
trillion-dollar global market for internet retailing.  Perhaps most exciting is the fact that, 
with three or more services "bundled" together from the same provider, studies
have shown that customers are lost at a rate of less than 10% a year.  This is true
residual income. 

Compensation accrues from four main sources:  (1) up-front agency fees paid
to the Distributor when customers subscribe to our services;  (2) up-front training
fees paid to the Sponsor when new Distributors join the Company; (3) residual
commissions paid to the Distributor as a percentage of customers' monthly
use of the Company's services; and  (4) executive bonuses paid to Distributors
on the total volume generated by his or her entire organization.


As mentioned earlier, we are not looking for investors.  Our parent is a 13-year-old, 
$1.4-billion, high-tech company with a D&B 5A-1, no debt, US Olympic Committee
licenses, and operations in 23 countries all over the world.  It is one of only nine
companies in the history of the US that grew from start-up to $1-billion dollars
in sales in less than ten years (others include Microsoft, FEDEX, Nike, and 
Home Depot).  Our Asian division went public on the New York Stock
Exchange with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch as our underwriters. Most
important, the Company has established a brilliant, highly-leveraged plan
for growth that has empowered over 400 associates, working on their own
schedules, usually out of their own homes, to reach an income level that in
1996 averaged $561,000  a year, achieved in industries a small fraction of the 
size of our future technology markets.

Please be aware that there will be many start-up companies hustling to be 
players in this historic opportunity.  There will be efforts by the utility
dinosaurs to hang on to their markets.  Be sure that your potential in this 
industry isn't undermined by the failure of the insubstantial up-starts or the
collapse of the prehistoric giants.


In my role as President of a diamond-cutting company, I know the frustrations
of a capital-intensive, high-risk, low-margin, slow-growth industry.  As an
Administrator in the medical community, my wife sees the deterioration in
doctors' earnings and the downsizing and closing of hospitals everywhere.
While many of the old ways of making money are gone, new opportunities
abound.  Deregulated electricity is the next big opportunity, structured by
a genius hyper-growth Company that is allowing me to continue
my professional work full-time, while enabling us to develop part-time a
perpetual income with unlimited potential.  The partners we are seeking for
this opportunity should be independent, open-minded, self-motivated, 
highly-principled entrepreneurs.  Such a profile might seem demanding, 
but the financial rewards can be gigantic.

I was skeptical, too, at first.  But the more I investigated, the more I realized
that this is the rare, legitimate, dynamic opportunity that people, not long from
now, will look back to and lament that they missed. There is no doubt 
that fortunes will be made as a result of deregulation and the explosive growth
of the telecommunications and internet industries.  The only question is who will
be along for the  ride.  And it might not be for you.  There are always reasons. 
And if you've already gotten all the time freedom and all the money you've 
always wanted, this opportunity is probably not for you. But clearly, if you 
continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've 
always gotten.  Here's an opportunity to do something else, and just maybe
change your life in the process.

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