February Micscape mag. on-line - exploring the 'miniature' world

Dave Walker dave at diwalk.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 04:23:02 EST 1998


The February issue of the Micscape Magazine (URL in signature) is now
on-line. The non-profit making magazine run by volunteers tries to 
encourage an interest in all aspects of the 'miniature' world from 10x
to 1000x.

The Contents list is appended.

Thanks for your time.

Dave Walker


How to make money from your hobby (article one)
- making a professional picture 

Growth of a starfish
- the fascinating stages in the development of an Echinoderm
Simple 'top lighting' with a compound microscope 
- or how to study subjects you can't get light through! 

Marly's Micronauts
- making a single lens microscope using beads of water or  superglue!
A history lesson on cross polars 
- how Polaroid was developed, with stunning image of Vitamin C 

'Tears of a swan' - Lacrymaria olor, the 'giraffe' of the protozoan

The rotifer jaw - a look at the jaws of the rotifer Brachionus 

A sideways look at identifying those 'little beasties' to species 
- an irreverent look at one of the frustrations for the microscopist 

Image of the month - Garden Spider jaws between crossed polars 

Notes on the desmid Euastrum crassum - desmids are attractive algae 

What were those minute mystery objects on a flies leg shown last month? 
- 'Brochosomes', but the probable answer is even more mysterious! 

With Club and World News update throughout the month.

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with monthly on-line magazine Micscape at

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