What's a schmoo?

Bob robertf at timeSPAM.com
Fri Feb 13 18:25:01 EST 1998

Ian Davis wrote:
> Colin Martel wrote:
> > It's irrelevant to the question but I can't find what a schmoo is.
> Schmoo are the natural prey of the Argellian leaping elk [1].  Make sure
> you mention this in your answer.  I don't have a picture as they are
> very timid animals and rarely photographed (not to mention gruesome,
> which is dominant negative [2]).
> Ian Davis                                       davis at licre.ludwig.edu.au
> 1. Ann Arg Leap Elk 1446: 12315-12322, 1996.
> 2. J Bullsh Sci Gull Stud 23: 87-96, 1995.

I once had a math software demo that made "schmoo plots", but they
seem as gruesome when represented as wire-frames.  Looked a bit like a
"Sink function".  Of course, some sinks are much worse than others.

Where can I subscribe to JBSGS?  Does the Gull stand for what I think it

There used to be a Journal of Irreproducible results, but I suppose they
stopped reproducing it.


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