Very Quick Cell Question

jeschuss at jeschuss at
Mon Feb 16 05:51:06 EST 1998

> I know I can see individual strands of bacteria at 100x with a microscope.
> My question is this what magnification do I need to see both a cell and
> its nucleus--that is, for a fairly large cell--200x, 500x?  In our very
> basic lab, we have microscopes up to 100x.  Are microscopes with higher
> ranges of magnifacation common in working labs?
> Could I see the nucleus with the standard microscope, or can one only see
> the dark outline of the nucleus with an electron microscope?
> Thanks,
> Todd

Um, you can see the microstructure of the nucleus membrane with an
electron microscope.  If just want to see a darker circle where the
nucleus is, an electron microscope is overkill.  (Not to mention that
prepping samples for an electron microscope is more work than preparing
them for an optical microscope.)
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