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>: TODD J PIERCE wrote:
>Sorry Todd....You're OK
>: If you want to locate the nucleus you want it to call out to you above
>: background.  Use a fluorescent stain for double strand nucleic acid. 
>: Will ethidium bromide (toxic!) do it (under near-UV illumination)?  Ask
>: the experts: 
>: Visualizing cell nuclei and chromosomes arrested by Colcemide(tm) or
>: colchicine is standard operating procedure.  It doesn't require anything
>: beyond an optical microscope.  Observing onion root tip chromosomes this
>: way is a high school lab prep.
>Keep this shit out of sci.chem you addleplated dejanews junkie.  
>Should you persist we will set eraserbots loose on the net to
>wipe out any trace of your ill-begotten self...We will track
>you down and inject you with brain clumping prions.  
>Hospitals will be instructed to provide you with only
>blood transfusions from tubercular seriopositive chemists,
>whose mothers will gather daily to spit on you. So,....
>Keep this biology shit out of sci.chem, which is only for
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>josh halpern

Where do the biochemists go then ?

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