World's oldest man?

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Fri Feb 20 10:03:36 EST 1998

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> Did anyone here catch that recent news item about a man living in a
> remote village in Nepal who claims to have been born in November,
> 1856?  He has no birth certificate to prove this, and I recall that
> years ago Dr. Alexander Leaf exposed the "ancient" people of that area
> as frauds. Is there any other way to prove this man's claim, other
> than written documentation?
> --
> Al Bardo

This gets into the range of carbon dating. Are there any biochemicals that
are *known* not to be turned over, on which one could carbon date a live
human? (collagen cross-links / AGE products, for example)? Or you could
measure DNA damage in central nervous system neurons (he might object to
this, of  course ...), especially if you can distinguish radiation or
thermal mutation modes from chemical ones, as the rate at which the latter
accumulate will depend on diet, which will change.

Any *bench* scientists out there want to comment, or even do this
intriguing experiment?

William Bains

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