Where to donate: Home Dialysis Solution ?

Brad Albom "bradal at " at ibm.net
Sat Feb 21 19:36:13 EST 1998


Here's an odd request.  I'm looking for a suitable organization
to whom I can  donate about 30 cases of Baxter brand Home Dialysis 
solution which expiration dates of 11 and 12/98.  These were left 
behind by a renter of mine (unfortunately he did pass away) and I'm
hoping that there's some group that can make good use of them
before I have to take them to the landfill.

I tried Red Cross, but they didn't know what to do with it and I doubt 
that local hospitals would want it given that it's not direct from the

I'm hoping that there's some local relief group who'll find
a good use for this stuff.

It's currently in Vallejo, but I can deliver it in the Bay Area
as it's in the back of my truck.

Please reply via email, but be sure to remove the extra "@"
(anti-spam) in my email address.

Thanks in advance,
-brad albom

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