World's oldest man?

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Sun Feb 22 13:55:44 EST 1998

Hi William,

	It seems pretty strange as we approach the 21st century that we
still have no definate way to tell how old someone is, without an official 
piece of paper issued at birth.  There is the book by Ward Dean called
"Biological Aging Measurement", but I'm told it talks about measuring
general aging, and none of the tests could give a definate biological age
to the year.

	What about heavy metal accumulation (like lead) in skeletal
tissues compared to other area residents with known ages and similar
occupations? Melatonin levels?   Besides maybe melatonin are there any
other products that show a decreasing annual pulse?    Does a young
looking 80 year old have the same melatonin levels as an average 80y.o.?
Measurement of skin cell population doubling levels?

...BTW, here's more on the guy from an online Nepalese newspaper I found:
(available at

141 year old receives citizenship certificate 
   "Bir Narayan Majhi Chaudhari, probably the senior-most citizen in the
world, Sunday received the certificate of Nepalese citizenship by descent.
Sunsari chief district officer provided the citizenship certificate to Mr.
Majhi, 141, at his own house in Khanar VDC of Sunsari district. Born in
Mangsir 8, 1913 B.S. (November 1857) the centenarian is now the head of a
23 member joint family.

   His only son Shova Lal Chaudhari died in 1991 at the age of 85. He has
three grand sons, one grand daughter, six great grand sons, nine great
grand daughters, three great-great grand sons and a great-great grand

	...So is there a birth certificate for his son?  Having died in
1991 @ 85, if we say that old Bir Narayan was (at youngest) 16 when his
son was born, that puts him at least at 108 years old.

	Then there's Christian Mortensen, the currently accepted oldest
man... He's now 115.  You can read all about him and his cigar chomping
ways at:

	In addition to him, the SF Chronicle article mentions other
contenders for world's oldest human:

	Agusta Watts, of florida, currently 121 (born August 15th, 1876)
	Maria do Carmo Geronimo, currently 126** (born March 8th, 1871)

**Maria, of Brazil, has only a Roman Catholic baptismal certificate,
keeping her out of the Guinness Book of world records.


William Bains (william at wrote:
: In article <34eb6b3f.6999330 at>, albardo at wrote:

: > Did anyone here catch that recent news item about a man living in a
: > remote village in Nepal who claims to have been born in November,
: > 1856?  He has no birth certificate to prove this, and I recall that
: > years ago Dr. Alexander Leaf exposed the "ancient" people of that area
: > as frauds. Is there any other way to prove this man's claim, other
: > than written documentation?
: > --
: > Al Bardo

: This gets into the range of carbon dating. Are there any biochemicals that
: are *known* not to be turned over, on which one could carbon date a live
: human? (collagen cross-links / AGE products, for example)? Or you could
: measure DNA damage in central nervous system neurons (he might object to
: this, of  course ...), especially if you can distinguish radiation or
: thermal mutation modes from chemical ones, as the rate at which the latter
: accumulate will depend on diet, which will change.

: Any *bench* scientists out there want to comment, or even do this
: intriguing experiment?

: William Bains

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