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MCB525: a workshop on Methods in Molecular Biology at Oregon State
University An intensive training course for graduate students, faculty and
researchers in the biological and medical sciences

offered by the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR  USA
(541) 737-3799

The methods of molecular biology, in particular recombinant DNA, have
transformed research in the biological and medical sciences.  This
technology currently influences all aspects of biological research, has
far-reaching applications in clinical diagnosis, and has led to
economically important developments in agriculture and biotechnology. 

This training course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to
molecular biological methods.  Participants will spend two weeks in
intensive laboratory work.  In addition, daily lectures by molecular
biologists will provide theoretical background and insight into
cutting-edge research developments and techniques. 

Participants will learn the following techniques:
cloning vector manipulation
the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
preparation  of recombinant DNA
transformation of bacterial cells
isolation of genomic DNA and RNA
restriction analysis
handling of radioactive isotopes
isotopic and non-isotopic probe labelling
Southern blots
site-directed mutagenesis
northern blots
DNA sequencing
synthesis of a fusion protein
protein expression
western blots
yeast two-hybrid screening

Prerequisites:  An up-to-date background in DNA structure and chemistry,
genetics and biochemistry. 


Session 1:  July 13-25, 1998
Session 2:  September 7-19, 1998

This is a highly intensive training course, requiring a full-time
commitment from the participants.  Activities are scheduled all day and
some evenings.  Classes begin in the laboratory at 8:00 AM.  A formal
lecture is held at 1:00 PM each day.  There wil l be one Sunday off in the
middle of session. 

Registration, Fees & Credit

Registration is limited to 24 students per session.  The fee for the
workshop is $1000.  Oregon State University faculty, staff and students
may take the workshop for a reduced fee of $800.  There is an extra charge
of $150 to receive 3 credits through Co ntinuing Higher Education (CHE) at
OSU.  MCB students and other OSU graduate students who are required to
take this course as part of their programs will not be charged the
workshop fee, but instead will pay regular OSU tuition.  A limited number
of space s in the course are reserved for these students. 

Lectures Only

If you are not taking the lab course, you may sign up to take the lecture
portion (MCB 524).  MCB 524 is offered as a 1-credit, pass/no pass course
through the OSU summer school (July session) or as a fall-term course
(September).  There is no limit on en rollment.  The course consists of
approximately 15 one-hour lectures presented by faculty of the Molecular
and Cellular Biology Program.  MCB 525 students may not take MCB 524
concurrent with MCB 525. 

MCB 525 Staff
Dr. Katharine Field, Coordinator
Dr. Walt Ream 


Housing in studio "quad" apartments (single rooms with shared kitchen and
bath) is available close to campus at a cost of approximately $210 for two
weeks in July or September.  Restaurants are a short distance from class. 
A campus parking permit can be purchase for $5 per week. 

Class participants can use Dixon Recreation Center (athletic facilities)
for $3.75 per day or $14 per week. 


The class will be held in the new Agricultural and Life Sciences Building
on the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis.  Corvallis is a
community of 45,000 residents located in the beautiful Willamette River
Valley, an hour from the Pacific Coast an d the Cascade Range. 


OSU graduate students who are required to take MCB 525 as part of their
graduate program must provide a copy of their official program, or a
letter from their major professor, along with the application, in order to
be considered for the course. 

Workshop fees must be paid in full by two weeks before the first day of

Further questions?

Please call (541) 737-3799
or email - millimag at


Please fill out and return by May 1, 1998.  You will be notified if you
have been accepted and registration forms will be mailed to you.  If
accepted as a workshop participant, you must pay half of the workshop fee
to reserve a space in the class.  The ot her half of the fee will be due
two weeks before the session begins.  You do not need to send in an
application if you will be taking the lecture course only (you register
for this through the OSU Summer School). 



Organization /Dept/P.I.'s name:

Highest Degree & date:



Phone (work):

E-mail  address:

Preferred session _____Session 1:  July 13-25, 1998 _____Session 2: 
September 7-19, 1998 If you are not acccepted in your preferred session,
do you want to be considered for the other session?_____Yes_____No

_____Workshop Course  - no credit       ______OSU faculty, staff, or student
_____Workshop Course - 3 credits        ______OSU faculty, staff, or student
_____Required Graduate Course for credit (OSU graduate students)

I will need housing_____Yes_____No

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