Prices Going Up, as Freedom Goes Down

increasedprofits at increasedprofits at
Tue Feb 24 20:04:01 EST 1998

Prices are skyrocketing as Non Democratic forces and Mail Censors take
Control of the internet,deciding Who gets to advertise and to Whom ! 
Look for those little aol notices when You try to access certain mail,
You can't ! They have already looked at Your mail and decided You CAN'T
have it, period ! But be aware, a little knowledge makes You dangerous,
So let Your Congressional Representative know that You are getting Wise
to what's going on with the big three power play. More info maybe available
in later dispatchs. ( If the empire doesn't strike first )
 But if You still wish to advertise that product or service, better do it now,
establish Yourself !  While You still have that freedom to do so. 


Do you have a product or service that you want to market?

  Direct emailing is the most cost-effective way to advertise not only on the Internet,

 but out of any marketing media.  Where else can you get your ad to millions for so little?

 We have helped thousands get their ad out in mass numbers.

  We offer the following:

7 Million email addresses - $99 + a full feature 10 day Stealth Pro Emailer demo 

15 Million email addresses - $199 + full version Stealth Pro Emailer Emailer demo

25 Million email addresses -$249 + full version Stealth Pro Emailer Emailer demo

60 Million email addresses - $299 + full version Stealth Pro Emailer Emailer demo

Stealth Mass Mailer the worlds most powerful bulk email program.
  Stealth allows you to send between up to 400,000 emails per hour.
But, please be responsible and keep Your numbers in the 5-10k range,
 if Your well thought out ad for a good product or service is delivered to
that number of recipients, ( a Good list with as many of the Flammers and
Cyber Stormtroopers squeezed out as possible ) and You Will get responses !

  Windows 95 only.  Also included is step by step instructions.
OR We Can Mail For You now, while these prices last !!!

Advertise to 2 Million people  for $1995.

Advertise to 5 Million people  for $3995

Advertise to 10 Million people  for $6995

Advertise to 25 Million people  for $9995

 Start earning mega money and get started now!
> If you have any further questions call our Marketing Department at:

 (504) 649-6248

> We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX,Discover Card, Checks by Mail.


> DATE_____________________________________________________
> NAME____________________________________________________
> COMPANY NAME___________________________________________
> ADDRESS_________________________________________________
> CITY, STATE, ZIP___________________________________________
> PHONE NUMBERS__________________________________________
> FAX NUMBERS_____________________________________________
> EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________
> ______VISA _____MASTERCARD _____AMEX
> CREDIT CARD# __________________________________________
> EXPIRATION DATE________________________________________
> NAME ON CARD___________________________________________
> AMOUNT $____________________

> ADDRESS ____________________

   CITY - STATE - ZIP __________________________ 
> If different from Above.
> DATE:x__________________

 OR fax Your order to  [504]-781-6615

> *Please select one of the following for shipping..
> ____I would like to receive my package OVERNIGHT. I'm including 
> $19 for shipping. (outside US add an additional $15 for shipping)
> ____I would like to receive my package 2 DAY delivery. I'm including 
> $10 for shipping.  (outside US add an additional $15 for shipping)  

Send check or money order to:
 Over Nite Letter Type  
> 230 West Hall Ave.
> P.O.Box 202
> Slidell,La.70460

Member of National Organization of Internet Commerce.  To have your name added
 to our universal remove list please go to remove at and your name will be added
 and distributed to all of our members


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