pH for ethyl alcohol solutions

Brian Bjørn bbjorn at
Wed Feb 25 13:03:42 EST 1998

john doe wrote:

> >Well, what do I know. I was told by a laboratory technician that she had
> >used pH measurements to determine ethanol concentrations - she might be
> >wrong.
> I WISH determining ethanol concentrations could be this easy! I don't
> believe an ethanol specific probe exists, yet.
> The best way, within +/-10% is probably by specific gravity. You could
> probably find a specific gravity/ethanol concentration table quite
> easily. You may also find a specialized hygrometer which would read
> alcohol concentration directly (or course this assumes no or minimal
> solutes).

Of course I confronted the technician with these thoughts of yours. After
some thinking she suddenly realized that what they had used was (tada!) :
specific gravity.

Venlig hilsen

Brian Bjørn, skolarstipendiat

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