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Fri Feb 27 13:08:32 EST 1998

If you could ask a former U.S. IRS Attorney any question, would you know
what to ask? Most people have no idea how to begin uncovering all their
legal tax deductions, and they never learn.

In fact, American businesses OVER-PAY $167 BILLION per year because they do
not understand what claims are legitimately allowed, nor do they know the
right questions to ask to exhaust all their options. Alarmingly often,
neither do their CPA's.  

••• Did you know simply NOT claiming legitimate deductions or properly
documenting certain business activities can put your home-based business at
serious risk of being categorized as a hobby?

And yet, owning a small business (especially a home-based business) is one
of the last great tax deductions allowed. If you own one, read on, and then
congratulate yourself. 

••• Do you know the #1 most important question you will always be asked by
the IRS that, if answered wrong, could cost you thousands of dollars and get
you slapped with a civil fraud penalty?

Now you can get the answers, tax tips and perfectly legal tricks to maximize
your deductions (without knowing all the right questions) from a former top
U.S. IRS Tax Attorney.

Sandy is a tax attorney, a CPA and a former IRS attorney in the CHIEF
COUNSEL'S OFFICE OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE in Washington, DC (where he trained otherlawyers to get more tax dollars from the US public!).

Sandy's Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Tips Cover ALL The Bases:

••• How to write off $75.00 or more per day... without receipts!

••• The 6 Facts you must record to be eligible for a deduction, or else
lose all the deductions 

••• How to pay your children over $4000 each per year and they pay no tax.
You deduct the expense 100%, and you don't even have to pay social security
or unemployment tax.

••• What month to send in your tax return to have the lowest chance of audit

••• How to stay over a weekend at the beach at the IRS's expense

••• How and when you can write off a cruise

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
For Example:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

• If you own 2 cars, alternate using them for business month to month; the
deduction benefits of using two cars for business purposes can greatly
exceed the write-offs from using just one car.

• If you call the IRS for answers to a question, write down the agent's
name, the exact time and the date you called.  All IRS calls are recorded,
so you can prove what you were told.  You may still lose your deduction, but
you will NOT be charged interest penalties or civil fraud charges if you
were given incorrect advice.  In one small sampling done, more than 1/2 of
IRS's responses to common questions were incorrect!

• The great news is if you own a business or are thinking of starting one,
the IRS code is actually designed to give you maximum benefit from the tax

• The ADDITIONAL, legitimate tax deductions averaged by one category of
small businesses who used our methods was $13,543 for just one year!!

•••  EACH averaged $13,543 ADDITIONAL •••  DEDUCTIONS for 1 YEAR! 

Start taking full advantage starting today!  

To receive more information as well as several other, little-used and
perfectly legal deductions you can't afford to miss again this year for your
small or home-based business, please call 1-800-374-6477, extention 3254. 

Then, simply provide us with your e-mail address, and Sandy's information
will be sent immediately.  

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