Please help me: Ananelids???

Jurgen Ziesmann ziesmann at
Fri Feb 27 08:27:00 EST 1998


are you looking for information on Annelidae?

i do not know a phylum Ananelida

SUMED_UK wrote:
> Dear Anon!
> Right now I am really interested in what Ananelids are.
> 1. What external features does the whole phylum have?
> 2. Can you give me any examples for point 1?
> 3. Can you give me any examples of a class of Ananelids?
> 4. What terrestrial/aquatic habitats do Ananelids have?
> The reason I am asking all this is because I have to know it quite
> if you could help I would be very grateful.
> I don't know how to display my e-mail adress so here it is:
> fgbrose at


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