A Bit About Your Family

Sue Adams heraldry at DSUPER.NET
Sat Feb 28 11:33:40 EST 1998

Roots don't just grow in a garden,...
        unless you've planted your family tree.

Maybe you're curious about those seeds. From here to a million years. 
We have this interest in life, do you? 
Are these the missing pieces to the puzzle in life? 
Did you,.. Would you,.. Can you,.. Are these your origins? 
Rogues, Crusaders, Pirates, Pioneers and Nobility? 
And where did they come from? 

Now you fill in the missing links, or maybe not. Perhaps, 
like satisfied millions, you'd like the thrill and adventure of 
discovering your family history. Traced forward from the 11-1200's each 
history traces the family's path as they succeed and survive through 
historic battles, plagues and kings, worldwide. Find your ancient estates 
and titles, your Coat of Arms and crest. 

Just key in your family name into our Online Search Engine, and in 
seconds the World's Largest Family History Database will tell you, 
your family origin and much MORE. Discover your family history at,

or try this site,

Go for it, its a FREE Search!!

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