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It is inevitable that great amounts of information are being compilled on all of us.  Each day decisions are being made about you based on information, right or wrong, that is contained in your personal "secret files".  These files affect your:

*Credit  *Employment  *Health Insurance   *Life Insurance *Car Insurance  *Social Security Benefits  *Unclaimed Funds Owed to You

I think many of you will be suprised at the type and the contents of the files on you.  My crusade is to help all of us common people find this information, review it and correct any mistakes.  Consider this true situation:  

A graduate student, who, in preparation for a term paper wrote to the Socialist Workers Party for information.  When a FBI mail surveilance brought up her letter, the "secret file" was open.  FBI agents began snooping around her hometown- inquiring about her character, her father's credit line, and family police records.  When it was finally determined that her interest was mearly to write a term paper, the investigation ceased.  However, apparently, FBI headquarters maintained an active file on her "subversive connections."

Everyday situations like this are happening to many, many people all over the country.  You may be a victim next.

"Your Secret Files" book includes all of the necessary instructions, contacts, sample letters and forms to check and amend your *Government files  *FBI files  *Medical Information Bureau (MIB)  *Driving records  *Social Security Earnings & Benefits  *Credit reports  *Unclaimed Funds possibly owed to you.

Don't delay, at least let the decisions that can greatly affect your life be based on accurate information.  Please fill-out the following form

......Your Name______________________________________


City, State, Zip______________________________________

Phone (optional)_________________E-mail_______________ 

and send a personal check or money order for ONLY $4.95 (plus $1.55 S/H) for a total of $6.50 to:
			AEH Publishing
			PO Box 826
			Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied, for whatever reason, simply mail the book back to us in resalable condition within 15 days and we will refund your money. (Postage & Handling not included)

**This is a one-time mailing, if you are not interested, simply delete this message***

Thank you for your time.

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