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Mon Jan 5 00:33:58 EST 1998

In article <442837452733.GAA08982 at compuserve.com>,
  I2000 at worldnet.att.net wrote:
> This important message has been brought to you by Internet
> 2000 Inc. If this message has been an inconvenience for you we
> apologize. This is a one time mailing and if you are not interested
> you will not be contacted by us again. Thank You!

Sorry. This doesn't cut it. You knowingly sent out an e-mail to a grossly
inappropriate newsgroup. You have no right to send EVEN ONE usenet
posting this way.

> This is not junk mail

Actually, it's pure junk.

>1-888-809-2578 24HRS.

Folks: these bozos have been sending out tons of junk mail announcing
their Latest and Greatest "get in on the ground floor" scheme. If you're
tired of this, you can do something:

1. Find a pay phone. 2. Call their number: 888 809-2578 3. Leave a
message. Let these spammers know that MMF schemes are not wanted in this

Do not call from your home or office; these calls are tracable. In
earlier e-mail, this spammer threatened to publish all the phone numbers
of people who called to complain (do an alta vista search on the phone
number if intereseted). If you call from a pay phone, you will not have
to worry about this. Also, each individual should call only once; it
would not be ethical (or legal) for one individual to log hundreds of
calls with these guys.

My name is legion.

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