New Video-Audio Conferencing Solfware

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Tue Jan 6 05:07:05 EST 1998

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If you would like to explore the world of Video and Voice conferencing on the Internet go to download FREE the "VideoPal Network" software where you can:
1. Meet a Pal on the Network and keep you anonymity!
2. Transform the Internet to you personal video monitoring network.
3. Monitor up to 4 remote sites simultaneously
4. Establish Voice Conferencing with multiple connections.
5. Videoconference with a standard Internet connection.
6. Communicate with Encrypted text transmission.
7. Record and Replay video sessions for security and other purposes.
8. Activate VideoPal's Remote Audio Warning System.
9. Videoconference on LANs (local Area Networks) and the INTRANET.
10. Use VideoPal to see and talk to loved ones far away.
11. Monitor hazardous areas remotely.
12. Monitor children care facilities including your home from anywhere on the internet.

Call (800) 688-5709 for further information. You will love this software, GUARANTEED!


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