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Donald L Ferry wolfbat359 at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 10 16:12:04 EST 1998

"Peter Petrisko" <ptp at primenet.com> wrote:

>1/10/98 Update: more "super flu"? / virus in Australia / H5N1 / US warning
>Houston, TX (U.S.)- Both here, and in Corpus Christi, within the last 8
>weeks there has been an unusual increase in emergency room visits due to
>upper respiratory infections, local hospitals reported mid-week (on 1/6).
>This follows the unconfirmed reports, posted on 1/1 or so, of a "super
>flu" appearing across state, in El Paso TX.
>   One source was quoted as saying, "Last week even Ben Taub Hospital, the
>biggest trauma center in this part of the world went on 'drive by' (i.e.,
>no space available)." 
>   Again, as in southern CA and Philadelphia, PA and (unconfirmed reports
>from) Tennessee, the illness appears flu-like with mostly respiratory
>symptoms - wheezing & chest aches - with some headaches, and
>gastrointestinal discomfort, but not the usual muscle aches associated
>with the flu.

Gee Sounds like most winters to me!!!

>Los Angeles, CA (U.S.) - More "super flu" news... The Los Angeles Health
>Department announced, on Friday, that 500 people have died so far from
>this mystery "flu".
>   Five hundred deaths is nothing to sneeze at! Is this an as of yet
>unidentified "super flu"-like bacteria? (After all, there have been
>reports of limited success with antibiotics, indicating this isn't a
>virus), or just a series of different viruses AND bacterial illnesses
>combining with hysteria caused by the "bird flu" outbreak in Hong Kong?

Indiscriminate use of antibiotics and the Major Pharmacy Companies
dropping the ball in antibiotic search for more profitable ines is
partially responsible for this.  Major groups of infectious bacteria
are resistant to all antibiotics now!!!

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