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  "Earth changes", referring to the current environmental, medical, social
& planetary changes occurring on Earth today, which some contend are
happening at greater frequency and with more intensity than any previous
time in recorded history.

These "Earth changes" include:
   * Weather (mega-El Nino, flooding/drought, other "freak weather")
   * Tectonic activity (earthquakes, volcanos)
   * Re-emerging viruses & diseases (meningitis, trenchfever, dengue, etc)
   * New & mutated viruses (bird flu) and organisms (Pfisteria, Red Tide)
   * Environmental changes, both manmade (pollutants, ozone depletion) and
     natural (self-correcting nature/"Sacred Ecology", greenhouse effect)
     and its effect on animal, marine, and human life.
   * Plus medical advances, scientific discoveries, and social change that
     affects people directly and the Earth itself indirectly

   Past "Earth changes" (via 'cosmic catastrophe' and 'forbidden
archaeology') can be discussed, as a matter of historical record and
through the mythology and symbology of ancient peoples.
   Future "Earth changes", as seen through prophecy and by predictions
(Biblical, scientific theory, psychic, remote viewed, Native American,
Nostrodamus, astrology, "ufo messages", etc) can be discussed.
   The alleged upcoming "change" in human consciousness & spirituality is
open for debate. 
   No advertisements ("spam") are allowed, except those directly relating
to "Earth changes".


So if the planet-wide changes & predicted paradigm shifts interest you, go

All perspectives welcome - from scientific & medical, to environmental &
new age, and all inbetween & beyond!

Including... Y O U R S !

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