BLOW UP THE MOON and see what happens! (ABIAN)

Eric J. Anderson eric at
Wed Jan 14 18:35:48 EST 1998

John Eddy wrote:

> Thus Spoke Nelson Thompson <nelson at>:
> >  Of course he's mad!  But admit it...wouldn't it be kinda
> >*fun* to blow up the Moon and see what happens??  Sure it
> >would be the end of civilization as we know it.  But what
> >the heck, right??
> I'm in.  Just make sure you announce the date so I can stock up on
> beer and tortilla chips.

Will it be on Pay-per-view?  I mean, only half the Earth will
be able to see it first-hand--and that's assuming it isn't

Or maybe they could schedule it for half-time at
The Super Bowl.

I think the marketing potential is enormous.  :)


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