Disease Updates - 1/6 to...

Beverly Erlebacher bae at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Jan 12 11:57:47 EST 1998

"Peter Petrisko" <ptp at primenet.com> wrote:
>Los Angeles, CA (U.S.) - More "super flu" news... The Los Angeles Health
>Department announced, on Friday, that 500 people have died so far from
>this mystery "flu".
>   Five hundred deaths is nothing to sneeze at! Is this an as of yet
>unidentified "super flu"-like bacteria? (After all, there have been
>reports of limited success with antibiotics, indicating this isn't a
>virus), or just a series of different viruses AND bacterial illnesses
>combining with hysteria caused by the "bird flu" outbreak in Hong Kong?

There is a group of organisms called mycoplasmas that are intermediate
in size between bacteria and viruses.  Some of them cause flu-like
illnesses, which may respond to erythromycin.  I'm sure there are people
in LA investigating this.

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