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>   According to physicians, there appears to be TWO DISTINCT ILLNESSES -
>one is clearly influenza (influenza A/Sydney - see 1/11 post for details),
>the other hasn't been identified but it doesn't have typical "flu"
>symptoms of high fever & muscle ache, it consists mostly of low fever and
>chronic dry cough that lasts for weeks. (I would think doctors would know
>bronchitis when they see it, this illness hasn't been identified as
>   These illnesses appear to have spread from Los Angeles County, to
>Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, with ancedotal reports of
>extremely busy outpatient services.

You can add Michigan to that (the chronic dry cough/low fever thing).  Doctor
guessed at *perhaps* a type of mycoplasma.  I've had it for well over a
month, and after two weeks on levaquin it seems to be subsiding, finally.  It
also creates killer fatigue.

I'd be interested in any solid info on this thing so I can pass it along to
my doctor.

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