snow fleas

Jurgen Ziesmann ziesmann at
Fri Jan 16 04:33:41 EST 1998

> Hi, if anyone has any information regarding snow fleas, i would appreciate it if you could email me with info! thanks!
> -christina

In German we have two species called "Schnee Floh" what is the exact
translation of "snow flea" - but if it is the one species at your
location we are just lucky. Both species are insects and seen on snow,
but that is it more or less what they have in common.

May be it gives a clue:

1.) Boreus hiemalis (Boreidae, Mecoptera)
Regularly seen on snow at forest borders, if air is warm.

2.) Isotoma nivalis (Isotomidae, Collembola, Arthropleona)
Optimally adapted to low temperatures (-4 to +5 degree Celsius)
Prologend periods of temperatures over 8 degree Celsius lead to damage.
Lives on the mountains on the glaciers. Feeds mainly on pollen that
comes with the wind.

Hope that helps

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