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Wed Jan 21 13:04:17 EST 1998

My name is Marie ; I am 37 years old

I have been suffering from alopecia since the age of 14 months in
consequence of a scalpburn and have been treated at Foch Hospital in
Suresnes (France) since 1989.

Up to now, I have undergone 37 surgical operations of my scalp : an
"Expansor" (e.g.: a kind of rubber balloon) is inserted under the scalp
an physiological serum is injected into it once or twice a week. This
allows an exoansion of the scalp in order to reduce the bald area.

I am supposed to undergo the next series of operations from next April
at the Turin clinic in Paris.

- I am looking for any documents (newspaper articles, videos ...)
regarding either "Expansors" or any other methods that have used up to

Do you have any specific information relating to this method or to any
other methods used anywhere in the world ?

- I am looking for testimonies from doctors who have applied this method
or any other methods anywhere in the world.

I am also looking for testimonies from patients who have been treated by
this method or by any other methods anywhere in the world. Could you
tell me about your own experience ? How did you feel both physically and
psychologically ? How do you feel nowadays ? Have the results been
stisfactory ?

What advice or help could you give me to enable me to prepare myself for
this next series of operations.

I thank you all most gratefully for your ansewers and your cooperation.


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