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Warning! Adults Only!  Warning! Adults Only!

If you are under 21 years of age, or not interested in sexually explicit material... please hit your keyboard delete button now!

Available NOW for only $9.95!  Next 10 Days Only!

The Uncensored Authentic Underground



Warning!  This video tape shows vivid scenes of oral sex and 
sexual intercourse in living color and is offered to adults over 21 years of age only!

You have probably heard and/or read about this controversial video which Pamela and Tommy claim was stolen from their Malibu home.
They even sued Penthouse Magazine to prevent reprints from this video.  Pamela Anderson Lee, star of the hit TV show "Baywatch" and Playboy Magazine Cover Girl has been called the Sexiest Girl in the World!  Her famous tatooed husband Tommy Lee, is the drummer for the Rock Group "Motley Crew".  Together, they shot these explicit home movies for their private pleasure never dreaming that they would be stolen and released for all to see.

In this sizzling video, you'll see and hear Pam giving Tommy oral sex in their car as they swerve recklessly down highway 15 towing a boat!

You'll see and hear Pam and Tommy performing oral sex and having intercourse on their private yacht on Lake Mead, near Las Vegas while they celebrate Pam's birthday.

You'll see close-up's of Pam's famous breasts, nipples and vagina and see Pam in the bathtub, swimming pool and much, much more!

This video is a genuine collectors item...a real conversation piece... a great gift item for the right person and will be a big hit at your next bacherlor party!  It's also a big turn-on for a romantic two-some!  26 minutes of hot action sound and full color video!

Others are charging $39.95 and more for this video!  Now for The Next 10 Days can own your own copy for only $9.95 plus $3 shipping and handling [total $12.95] if you order NOW!

Your order will be shipped via United Parcel if you give us a street address. All Shipments in plain unmarked wrapper.
For Priority Mail - Add $5
For Overnight Express - add $15

You can order by Email, Phone, Fax or Mail.

We accept all Major Credit Cards and checks by phone or fax.
Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Discover

10 Day Money Back Guarantee!  We know that you will be pleased with this Video!


Send email to our special email address below:

pamlee98 at

[Note: If you order by email and do not receive an email acknowledgement within 24 hours, please phone our office at

Phone our office 9am to 10 pm [eastern standard time]

[718] 287-3800 to Order By Phone for Fast Service!

 We can accept your credit card or check by phone

Fax Your Order 24 hours per day  to  [718] 462-5920
You can fax your credit card information or your check

Order by mail by sending $12.95 cash, check, money order or major credit card [Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover] to

4718  18th Ave.  Suite 135
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Make Checks & Money Orders Payable to TCPS, Inc.
New York State Residents Please Add 85 cents for Sales Tax

You must be over 21 years of age to order and give us your date of birth with your order!

The Following Order Form is for Your Convenience!


Please ship me ________Pamela & Tommy Lee Sex Video Tapes

at $9.95 each plus $3.00 for shipping and handling [$12.95]

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I hereby represent that I am over 21 years of age.  
My date of birth is_________________________________


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