Aging of cells stopped?

David F. Green dfgreen at
Tue Jan 27 18:04:09 EST 1998

I haven't read the Time article, but generally the scientific
information to be found in popular news magazines like Time is vague and
incomplete at best.  I believe what the original poster was referring to
is an article in last week's Science titled "Extension of Life-Span by
Introduction of Telomerase into Normal Human Cells."  The reference is
Science 279(5349), 349-352 (16 Jan 1998).  While it may be a little
tough reading for someone from a completely different field, you should
be able to get something out of it.  I would suggest checking out the
article (if your local library doesn't subscribe to Science, try a
college library), and if you have more questions then, feel free to post

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