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Contents of the Latest Issue Jan 30, 1998:

1. On the Future of US Science Policy
2. On the Birth of Star Clusters
3. On Stellar Planetary Systems
4. Evidence that Martian Meteorite Amino Acids are Contaminants
5. An Explanation for Mercury-Glass Contact Light Discharge
6. Rapid Determination of Molecular Charge Density Distributions
7. On 75 Years of Chemistry
8. Engineered Mutation of New Catalytic Activity in an Enzyme
9. Structural Analysis of DNA-Polymerase Activity
10. Extension of Mitotic Limits by Telomerase Expression
11. Neurobiology: An Argument Against Strong Visual Loops
12. A Proposal for Memory Suppressor Genes
13. Secretion of Glutamate by Brain Astrocytes
14. On the Mechanism of Pain Modulation by Cannabinoids
15. Postsynaptic Membrane Fusion and Long-Term Potentiation
16. Circadian Rhythms in Humans: Extra-Visual Phototransduction
17. On the Respiratory Function of Hemoglobin
18. Cancer Treatment by Targeting Tumor Blood Vessels
19. A Potassium Channel Mutation in Neonatal Human Epilepsy
20. Fatal Human Respiratory Illness Caused by an Avian Virus
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Notices - Positions Available
Notices - Miscellaneous

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