teaching? maybe not an alternative career.

Daphne M Norton dmnorton at casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Thu Jan 29 20:19:38 EST 1998

> The other problem with teaching (and we're talking about primarily at the
> HS level) is that in a lot of areas you're going to have unteachable
> students and you could get killed or badly hurt through physical violence
> from those who bring weapons to school. In areas where you have good kids
> coming to school and the environment might be safer to work in, then the
> teaching jobs (or so I've heard) are much harder to get.
> Art Sowers

Yes Art, but university research professors are also killed
by disgruntled graduate students.  Haven't you heard the ball
peen hammer story?  Sometimes they use guns too.   

I understand you wish to provide information, but your posts are
always so pessimistic.  Someone from my Ph.D. program is now teaching
at a Catholic high school and really enojys it.  He had several offers
once pursuing high school teaching.  Private schools are often very
receptive to Ph.D.s and understanding during the certification 


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