Question: Is Science a moral endeavor?

William Jones wbjones at
Thu Jan 29 14:57:00 EST 1998

Hello Guy,
    A fairly wise person (my grandfather...and trust me, he is wise) swears
that logical thought will always lead you to the truth.  He stated that a
logical person eventually discovers the feebleness of his own mind when
contemplating life's meaning and ends up relying on a sort of non-logical
faith.  That is, humans need something to believe in, and it has nothing to
do with any sort of logical thought pattern.  It has everything to do
emotion, passion, guts, whatever word you need to describe it.  Be it the
wife, or the husband, or the kids, or the dog, or the science.  When you
truly believe in something, there is no room for fear, uncertainty, or
regret.  Unfortunately, non-rational belief in things like love, humanity,
god, etc.. cannot be explained with logical reasoning.  With logic, love
can be explained as a complicated biological process stemming from the
human mind's need for companionship.  But this explanation is likened to
describing the taste of an apple to a person who's never eaten.  It can't
be done.  I'll end this bit of rambling with the real kicker.  He said that
everyone has a belief system.  But only through truth and honesty with
ourselves will we ever find it.  And I think truth and honesty are two
qualities that many people in our society today are lacking.  In the
meantime, keep yourself from contemplating so much.  If you're right next
to the Rockies, try some rock climbing, or better yet...hang gliding.  I
can guarantee it will take your mind off this problem!


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