"Career Scientists Sue 3M...."

Jeff E. Janes jejanes at silibone.cchem.berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 2 11:52:46 EST 1998

Eric Lucas wrote:
> Jeff E. Janes wrote:
> >
> > Eric Lucas wrote:
> > >
> >
> > > And every
> > > middle manager I know feels the same way--most wish they could return to
> > > the technical ladder, even for lower pay.
> >
> > Then why don't they?
> You don't understand industry at all, do you?


> To do so would be to
> commit career suicide--they would then be the most spurned of the
> spurned, having turned down what upper management considers a gift.
I know (second hand) and professor who had tenured position at a fairly
well-reputed school, who resigned to take a non-tenure track position
at a lesser college.  In fact, I know a few have done similar things.
I guess committing career suicide is better than personal kind.

Would another company refuse to hire a person because they have 
a management position on their resum{e'} ?  Perhaps someone should 
start a company hiring competent but disaffected employees.  What would
the slogan be, "We may be grumpy, but we get the job done and do it
for less."?


p.s. Thanks for the informative and non-sarcastic answer, Bruce.

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