retroviral transduction

Brian Foley btf at
Tue Jun 2 11:12:05 EST 1998

TIM wrote:
> Please, is there anybody who can tell me, whether a human cell can be
> transduced (during a retroviral transduction process) by more than one
> copy of the retroviral construct or if the cell,once transduced, become
> refractory to another 'infection'?
> Thanks a lot

	The human immunodeficiency virus is a retrovirus which can
infect cells in more than one copy.  The virus may downregulate
receptors and in other ways reduce the chances of double infection,
but we know double infection can occur, because we find
recombinant viruses, indicating that two different genomes were
packaged in the same viral envelope ("recombination" happens when
the reverse transcriptase hops from one template to the other).

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