cell line database?

Robert Negm rnegm at med-med1.bu.edu
Wed Jun 3 09:42:51 EST 1998

Dear Mr. Morley,

I have recently worked with the people from Caesar Software to generate a powerful database for
managing microbial strains, called StrainMan 1.0, available at www.caesarsoftware.com. The
database allows users to publish their stock culture collections on the internet and share their
information with colleagues. The program may be used for cell lines, but its design emphasized
bacterial cell information. I hope this information will help you.


Robert Negm

Mr. G. Morley wrote:

> Dear all,
>                 I was wondering whether anyone knows of a database of the different cell lines
> that are floating around? Preferably giving phenotypes etc. Mainly I was wondering
> about 32D haemopoeitic cells in particular. I would appreciate any web addresses etc.
> thanks in  advance,
> gary morley
> gmorley at rpms.ac.uk

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