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Tomorrows-Professor Listserve

Tomorrow’s-Professor Listserve (postings every Monday and Thursday) is
intended for graduate students, postdocs, and professors interested in
furthering their academic careers in science and engineering.  It
currently has about 1,200 subscribers from all types of academic
institutions.  To SUBSCRIBE, send a message that reads: 

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Titles of Postings  1-30

1  	Establishing Your Absence
2	Quick Starters
3	NSF New Century Scholars Workshop 
4	First Things First
5 	Tenure Tips
6 	Warm-up Time 
7 	Leverage - A key To Faculty Efficiency
8  	Class preparation Time - Can You Overdo It?
9   	How Our Students See the World
10 	Potpourri
11 	Helping New Faculty Find the Time
12 	Increasing Use of Teaching Portfolios
13   	Items for Inclusion in a Teaching Portfolio
14 	Teaching and Learning Personal Philosophy Statements
15	Teaching Goals and Strategies
16 	Tele-Mentoring Catching on with College Students - What 
	About Faculty?
17 	Improving Student Learning While Saving Faculty Time
18 	A Contrasting View of Personal Teaching and Learning 
	Philosophy Statements
19 	The Scholarship of Teaching
20	Ethically Problematic Behaviors in Science
21 	Teaching Large Classes: Strategies for Improving Student 
22	Interesting Uses of Interactive Questionnaires
23 	Graduate Teaching Courses in Science, Mathematics, 
	Engineering, and Technology
24	Educational Methods in Engineering
25 	Elements Found in Most Successful Proposals
26	Redefining Scholarly Work - An Example from Civil Engineering 
27 	Teaching Engineering - Another Course Example
28 	New Faculty Reward Structures
29 	Textbooks -Retreat, Renaissance, or Revolution?
30 	Information Technology In The United States - Relevance to 
	Higher Education

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