Education Help

Jeff Pufnock jpufnock at
Thu Jun 4 23:18:55 EST 1998

Hello,  I have some general concerns that have been troubling me need
some professional insight.  I am a recent college grad, top Biology
honors and am experiencing some apprehension, as a result of the current
job market, about continuing in science.

My 'original' goals were to go into industry research and avoid academe.
I have a graduate school acceptance, but personally I think the time it
takes to achive a PhD is etirely too long.  
	My current dilema is:
	1) Attend school and leave with only MS
	2) Try and get in with a Pharm. company and then get MS

Can someone slap me with some reality and professional perspecitive in
the industry setting??  (Personally I feel the PhD is too specialized
for curent industry, I want to stay general kinda, hence the MS

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