Quantitative Microbiology: New Journal - Call for Papers

Chuck Haas cnhaas at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 8 09:21:16 EST 1998

Announcing a new journal: Quantitative Microbiology.  To be published by
Kluwer academic publishers, beginning in 1999.

Quantitative Microbiology is a peer-reviewed journal that will publish
contributions in the following, and related, areas:

 quantitative description of microbial processes, such as growth,
degradation, and die-off

 quantitative assessment of risks arising from exposure of microorganisms
to susceptible populations

 modeling of metabolic processes, particularly in indigenous or engineered

 quantitative population biology of infectious diseases in human and
non-human populations

 quantitative approaches to analysis of new microbial methods

 description of interacting microbial systems (e.g., predator-prey or
competitor systems)

 Quantitative descriptions of processes for microbial cultivation or

 modeling of microbial "behavior" in environmental cultivation or control

For full information, see the following page:


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