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Mon Jun 8 15:19:09 EST 1998

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> Please forgive any errors, this is my first time posting in NG's, but I
> am in need of a bit of advise.
> I have been studying Coleoptera on my own for about a year and a half
> now and am wanting to pursue a career in the field. I find the study
> fascinating.
> I plan on going back to school soon but at 30 years old, and equipped
> only with a GED this is an intimidating proposition. I also work full
> time as a paramedic with shifts of 24 on 48 off, which makes things
> worse. Is there anything I can be doing to get more actively involved ?
> Are there jobs available to someone in my present position ? What are
> some good schools ?
> My interests seem to lean more toward forestry, but my mind is always
> open. I live in South Carolina but relocation is not out of the
> question.
>   Any help is appreciated.
>       Bryan

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