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Frank DrHeasley at
Mon Jun 8 23:14:10 EST 1998

On Mon, 08 Jun 1998 22:55:51 -0400, Marc Andelman
<drgonfly at> wrote:

>Frank wrote:
>> >
>> >(Psst.  Frank.  Coleoptera aren't plants.)
>> >
>> >Bill
>> >--
>> oops.
>> Frank
>Hi Frank
>	Coleoptera are beetles.  In all my years of head hunting,
>no one has ever called to ask for a coleoptera expert.
>	Regards,
>	Marc Andelman

Ok, so you got to be right once.  Live it up....

Anyway, they live on Coleus plants, right, ;-)  or was that some kinda
green algae I was thinking about.  now where did I leave that old bug

Anyway, there is a serious shortage of entomologists these days.  I
hardly have any entomologist resumes.  Unfortunately, the shortage of
jobs for entomologists is even more serious.


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