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>>> >(Psst.  Frank.  Coleoptera aren't plants.)
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>>> >Bill
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>>> oops.
>>> Frank
>>Hi Frank
>>       Coleoptera are beetles.  In all my years of head hunting,
>>no one has ever called to ask for a coleoptera expert.
>>       Regards,
>>       Marc Andelman
>Ok, so you got to be right once.  Live it up....
>Anyway, they live on Coleus plants, right, ;-)  or was that some kinda
>green algae I was thinking about.  now where did I leave that old bug
>Anyway, there is a serious shortage of entomologists these days.  I
>hardly have any entomologist resumes.  Unfortunately, the shortage of
>jobs for entomologists is even more serious.

Dahd Speaking:

And the sad fact is that there are very very serious problems with
insect pests that need a great deal more attention and funding.

To name a few--

Fire ants throughout the South
Termites Control
Roach Control
Cattle Pests of Various sorts
Tick Control/ to control arthropod borne diseases like Lyme Disease
and several others.
Mosquitos-- public health issues here.  We haven't had a great
huge encephalitis epidemic in years, but it can happen.  Lots of
other diseases transmitted by these critters too.

The point here is that bucks have been going to very sexy research
areas in biotech and genetics. Great! But there is still lots of
of biological research that needs doing.

Underfunded areas-- Entomology, Botany, Invertebrate Zoology.
The latter holds the key to understanding everything about development/ 
cell growth regulation, 
and therefore ultimately control of malignant diseases.

Nearly dead areas of scholarship include paleontology,  comparative 
anatomy, developmental embryology
just to name  a few.

Well, resources are always limited, and we put our bucks in a targeted
fashion on what seems important to human interest-- and by targeting
our research we miss many opportunities for discovery through
basic researc/and luck  to solve the very problems we attemt to 
deal with through targeted research.

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