Species of Space and Time.

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Thu Jun 18 19:43:41 EST 1998

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998 laosan at mx3.redestb.es wrote:

> 1: Species of Space and Time.
> Species are Species of space and time. Relativistic science has proved
> that space is discontinuous, made of pieces of space called quantas of
> energy.

No such thing.  You are thinking of -quantum theory-, not the theory of

> And relativistic science has proved that time is also discontinuous,
> local in words of Einstein, with different cycles, and speeds of
> 'perception'.

No such thing.  Not even close.

Imagine a collection of little wooden blocks each inscribed with a
different word: proof, relativistic, cycles, universe, unification,
radiation, energy, quanta, information, clonic, endocrine, gravitation,
galaxy, hierarchy, species.  Imagine giving these blocks to a chimpanzee
with too much time on his hands to form into a pattern, perhaps:

  Species species space time relativistic science proof space
  discontinuous space quantum energy...

Imagine asking a young child to create grammatical natural language
sentences by inserting additional words and punctuation into the pattern
created by the chimpanzee.  This is evidently how the book under
discussion was created.  Such language games are mildly amusing if you
have nothing better to do, but the result is not usually offered for sale
to the general public. 

Chris Hillman

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