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>I am currently a student studying highschool in Australia, and I need to
>gather peoples views on the cloning of humans, for an interactive study.
>participation in answering my questions will be greatly appreciated, and
>assist me to complete my assignment. Questions:  1. Do you believe the
>cloning of humans is an acceptable practice?Why?

Yes, it is especailly acceptable in the following situations:
1. 'natural cloning'  Identical twins are natural clones. There is nothing
wrong with this. There are also a couple of urban legends(?) about virgin
births. These would also have to be natural clones if the stories are true.
2.'Special case' Some people might want to become single mothers. Cloning
would be very useful in this case.
3. 'Assisted reproduction' Cloning techniques can be used to combine two
peoples genes directly, in the case one of them is infertile.
4. 'Single cell line'   Use of cloning techniques to regrow or repair
damaged organs would be most useful!
5. 'Natural sex' is technically also a form of cloning.

-Note that even cloned people are _unique_ individuals!

 2. Are you a religious
>person? if so which religion?

Yes and no.
I am an easter and christmas christian ;-)
[the rest of the year I'm a mean evolutionistic bugger, aspiring
skepticultist and admirer of 'the church of last thursday'(whose teaching is
that the world was created last thursday <g>) to boot! see Sci.Skeptic for
details on these belief structures]

 3. Do you have any moral or ethical views on

Seeing the above banning cloning would be the blooper of the century.
The sentance that is often quoted is:
"Stop playing god...."  How true. We should stop _playing_ and grow up.

4. Which statement do you agree with: - "Cloning is going to happen
>sooner or later, we may as well  prepare ourselves in knowledge and

No, people should never take such a fatalistic view of anything. people have
democratic rights, if they want to yell, fine.
However the bit about getting to understand what it's about is very

 - "Who do we think we are GOD? Cloning is not a
>constitutional right."

Yes. "We are all Gods children, we shouldn't be afraid of growing up."
Cloning *is* a constitutional right (see the natural sex bit)

  - "Cloning is just another way of reproducing. No
>harm in that."

No harm in reoproduction? You gotta be kidding! Just look at what rabbits
did to Australia!

- "Cloning will help to further develop our knowledge in
>genetics  and will help medical sciences. It should be practiced."


>Questions:  5. If humans are cloned do you think that they will be accepted
>among  peers or will there be prejudice?

I sure hope there won't be prejudice.
As long as we get the idea that a cloned person is just a 'younger identical
twin' to his/her parent (usually her, 'his' has more technical problems)
there shouldn't be too much trouble.

 6. Will the normal view of humanity
>change? How?

Not that I know of.

>Your views will be greatly appreciated.
>                                        Erin

Sorry if I've rambled a bit...
Hope this is useful!

Vriendelijke Groet, :-)
  Kim Bruning

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