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Fri Jun 19 05:06:38 EST 1998

I am currently a student studying highschool in Australia, and I need to
gather peoples views on the cloning of humans, for an interactive study. Your
participation in answering my questions will be greatly appreciated, and will
assist me to complete my assignment. Questions:  1. Do you believe the
cloning of humans is an acceptable practice?Why?  2. Are you a religious
person? if so which religion?  3. Do you have any moral or ethical views on
cloning? 4. Which statement do you agree with:	- "Cloning is going to happen
sooner or later, we may as well  prepare ourselves in knowledge and
understanding."  - "Who do we think we are GOD? Cloning is not a
constitutional	right."  - "Cloning is just another way of reproducing. No
harm in that."	- "Cloning will help to further develop our knowledge in
genetics  and will help medical sciences. It should be practiced." More
Questions:  5. If humans are cloned do you think that they will be accepted
among  peers or will there be prejudice?  6. Will the normal view of humanity
change? How?

Your views will be greatly appreciated.

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