looking for peoples views on cloning

Tim Burden tburden at zeuter.com
Sat Jun 20 19:51:46 EST 1998

1. Yes, with qualifications. It must be shown that the clones can be viable
and healthy. Since cloning occurs naturally (ie twins) and other forms of
artificial fertility aid is already practiced, one can only conjecture that
the current prevalence of mistrust of cloning technology must be
attributable to bad science fiction, or religion.
2. No, no religion.
3. Yes, the clones must be treated with the same rights and personal respect
as the rest of us.
4. Can't say I agree with any of those statements. "Cloning is going to
happen sooner or later.." is the closest match, but it seems a little glib.
5. Presumably, no one need be able to tell. It is not as though "clone" will
be stamped on one's forehead. Nor need it appear anywhere on a birth
certificate. I think if cloning is allowed to happen, then hand-in-hand must
go the commitment to honor their rights to anonymity, and to privacy.
HOWEVER: having said that, I think that if the information is somehow
leaked, there will be a tendency among the ignorant to prejudge and
categorize. This must be combatted. Clones will be full people, like you and
6. How indeed? Do you mean, humanity will have to be redefined to include
beings for whom parental sex is not the cause of origin? Touchy issue, but I
think if these beings are stipulated to be normal people, with full rights
(and after all, rights are stipulated by your society) then the problem is
already defused. Of course, all such debate should be over and done with
before cloned people ever have to listen to us struggle about it. To me, it
is clear, that these will be people, full people, in every sense of the
word. However, I am not the only voice to be heard.

Yours, Tim

erinc at my-dejanews.com wrote in message <6mdd7d$gvu$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>...
>I am currently a student studying highschool in Australia, and I need to
>gather peoples views on the cloning of humans, for an interactive study.
>participation in answering my questions will be greatly appreciated, and
>assist me to complete my assignment. Questions:  1. Do you believe the
>cloning of humans is an acceptable practice?Why?  2. Are you a religious
>person? if so which religion?  3. Do you have any moral or ethical views on
>cloning? 4. Which statement do you agree with: - "Cloning is going to
>sooner or later, we may as well  prepare ourselves in knowledge and
>understanding."  - "Who do we think we are GOD? Cloning is not a
>constitutional right."  - "Cloning is just another way of reproducing. No
>harm in that." - "Cloning will help to further develop our knowledge in
>genetics  and will help medical sciences. It should be practiced." More
>Questions:  5. If humans are cloned do you think that they will be accepted
>among  peers or will there be prejudice?  6. Will the normal view of
>change? How?
>Your views will be greatly appreciated.
>                                        Erin
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