20% a month return for the past 5 years!

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Sun Jun 28 21:28:30 EST 1998

Dear potential associate,


I'll get right to the point. First, let me ask 
if you know anything about International Bank 
Debenture Trading Programs? If not, don't worry, 
most people have never heard of them either. 
However, they exist at the uppermost levels of 
the world's top banking institutions, and offer 
people like you and me an opportunity to earn
between 10% and 20% a month!

                OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!

This opportuntityl represents a Financial Revolution
that spans the globe joining East and West in an
unparalleled  Business Opportunity. 

The International Group consists of an offshore
investment brokerage, and a group of leading Network
Marketing Professionals. Our aim is to help create 
a more equal society and to give those who can see
the writing on the wall the chance to attain wealth
in a private and secure environment. This group does
not recognize country boundaries or any one countries
government legislation. We can and do operate in
every corner of the world. 

We understand that the very real need for privacy
and protect ourselves and our members with a cloak
of secrecy  which is necessary for the continued
success of this program and security for all our members. 

All funds are held in a secure bank account in the
Caribbean and all payments to subscribers are made
by cash in US  dollars. The  paperwork is available
in Classic Russian, English/American, French, German
and  Spanish. 

                    THE FREEDOM PLAN

The Freedom plan is simple to understand and affordable
to most people from all walks of life in every corner
of the world. At the heart of the plan are our successful
and very profitable investment portfolios which have been
generating on average around 20% profit per month for over
5 years. We have coupled this with a binary Network Marketing
system to produce a powerful income-builder for our members.
If you work the MLM you can generate more cash for your
investment but you don't have to. Your initial investment
will grow substancially over the next 5 years. 

                   TEST THE SYSTEM!

Purchase one position and receive the monthly profits for
the next couple of months. Convince yourself that the system
works as stated. Then purchase additional shares and have
the profits reinvested. Your risk is a maximum of $60.  Your
reward could be over $1,000,000  after 5 years of reinvested
profits!  And that is WITHOUT the networking commissions!
Can you afford to risk $60 to test the system?  More important
can you afford NOT to!!! 

Star International has averaged a return of about 20% a
month.  Worst month 8%, best month 24%.  I put in just
$60 (the minimum) and now have $586.94 in the kitty having
not drawn anything.  But a growth of nearly ten times in 9
months!  Here's how it would look like after 5 years:

Year 1 = $214
Year 2 = $1,908
Year 3 = $17,012
Year 4 = $128,930 
Year 5 = $977,127!

And even at 10% a month, that's a substantial sum!

If you are interested in this program, an application form
and additional information as to how these kinds of
profits are generated by companies investing hundreds of
millions of US $, fax your name/address/email to 717-766-7650.
You will receive the application by mail, the rest of the
information (bacause of the size) via email.

Do you need safe 3,000 addresses to advertise Star or
any other program? Check out this bulk friendly site:

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