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There is absolutely no catch or crazy 
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     I tried Multi Level Marketing ..... I failed! 
     I tried Chain Letters ....... They failed me! 
     I tried Envelope Stuffing ...... What a joke!
     I tried nine [9] other business ventures, all
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I was a fool. I didn't make very much 
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I was not the greatest example of a 
successful business person.  I really 
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I decided to start my own cleaning 
service and worked hard at at it. 
Many of my customers were very wealthy, 
one of which was a thirtyish guy who 
drove around in a Ferrari Testarossa. 
After cleaning his home one day, he 
gave me his usual $20.00 tip and I 
asked him what he thought of the soap 
business. He started laughing so hard 
and I will NEVER FORGET what he said, 
"Get a clue, friend. You want to sell 
soap door to door? Did the fumes from 
your window cleaner go to your head or 
something? Someday, when you are serious 
about making money, and I mean REAL MONEY, 
call me and I will take you to school". 
I told him that I was ready right now and 
he said, "I don't have time today, but 
think about this. Why sell soap when 
people all over town sell it?  No one 
could really care less where they bought 
it from. Give people something that they 
really want. I mean, give them something 
they really want bad, and then be the 
only one in town with it. Think about 
that for a while and then come by the 
house tomorrow morning and we'll talk". 
I was dumbfounded! 

What did he mean? What was he talking 
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$2,500 per month! All you have to do is 
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Almost every sales letter you mail will 
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Fantastic, but true.  Now you can make a
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The cost of my powerful program is only 
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The success of this powerful program will 
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checks and money orders in the mail. If 
you email fifty [50] letters per week for 
a month ..... that's two hundred [200] 
sales letters. You will receive about one 
hundred forty [140] responses and a steady 
flow of inquiries about your program. This
corresponds to about $3,200 per month if 
you only send out fifty [50] letters/week! 

So if you would like to earn thousands 
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that first step. Simply fill out the order 
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   [1] "The Internet Resource Directory": 
        ... provides info on over one 
        thousand [1,000] places to 
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   [2] "The Digital Catalog": 
        ... a real money maker for me and 
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Sorry "Mac" and "WebTV" users. The software 
included in the start-up package is not yet 
compatible with your systems.

*      No Risk Order Form [Top]        *

Please make your check or money order 
payable to:

    Jeff True
and mail your order to:
Jeff True
P.O. Box 60464
Palo Alto, CA 94306-0464  

Dear Jeff,

Please rush me your "Every-Day Cash Plan" 
by first class mail. I understand that if 
I am not completely satisfied, I can return 
it to you for a full refund within ninety 
[90] days from the time it was received.

On that basis, I have enclosed a check 
or money order in the amount of $19.95 
+ $3.50 shipping and handling:

               [TOTAL $23.45]
International and overseas orders please 
send $19.95 + $6.50 shipping and handling 
in U.S. funds only:

               [TOTAL $26.45]

*NOTE: To avoid all shipping and handling 
       charges, please specify if you want 
       your materials shipped to you 
       electronically through your email 
       address as entered below. When your 
       check or money order is received,
       your order will be electronically
       filled subject to the conditions
       outlined in the following paragraph.

Shipping and handling charges are not
refundable. Please do not send cash in 
the mail! Orders paid by money order 
will be shipped within three [3] days 
of the receipt of the order via U.S. 
Postal Service. Orders 
paid by check will be shipped within 
twenty-one [21] days of the receipt of 
the order also via first class mail.

****Please print all information clearly:



City:_____________ State/Province: _____

(If not USA):___________________________

Email Address:__________________________

Ship Order Electronically: YES _________
                            NO _________

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