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 "Print this now for future reference"

Dear Friend and fellow entrepreneur:

If you have a desire to own and operate your own business, please continue

You are now looking at information on THE concept of the next century. 
This is a  breakthrough of enormous potential. 

MEGA$NETS combines 3 of the most powerful income opportunities of our
time....computers, mail order, and network marketing.  Together they offer
you a  business you can work part time or full time.  MEGA$NETS is an easy
to use yet sophisticated software program to help the average person get in
on the profits being made on the Internet.

An estimated 200,000 new people are getting on the internet each month. 
Money will be earned with computers whether you and I are involved or not.
SO WHY NOT GET INVOLVED NOW?  The IBM compatible MEGA$NETS software disk is
FREE (There is a $2 P&H fee), yet it is designed to bring you a tremendous
income within a remarkably short period of time.


Obtain the MEGA$NETS software disk FREE from the person sharing this
opportunity with you and load it into your PC.  You will be impressed with
the professional appearance of the software and how easy it is to operate. 
The Menu includes access to a complete set of instructions.  You will also
receive separate written, step by step instructions, so you do not even
have to be familiar with computers.

Step 1:  The computer will ask you to type in your own name & address.  Be
sure this information is correct.  Once you click on the next screen your
information will be permanently locked in to the program.

Step 2:  Next you will see the names and addresses of 5 people on your
screen.  Now move to the next screen and click on "Purchase Orders".  Your
printer will automatically produce a separate Purchase Order for each of
those five vendors.  Simply mail the orders, enclosing a money order for
$20 with each one.  In return for your orders and payment, the 5 vendors
will each send different code numbers generated by their disk.  Your total
expenditure is $100.

Step3:  Enter these codes into the computer program where it tells you to
do so, and now you are able to make copies of your disk.  YOU CAN NOT MAKE

Step 4:  Once you enter the 5 codes you can now duplicate the disk and
share each duplicated disk to other people who own or have access to a
compatible PC.  They will want to join because of the profit potential they
too will have!  Selling the idea is not difficult!!   Most people see the
opportunity just by reading this letter.


When your customer loads your duplicated disk, they will be instructed to
do the same as you just did.  They will purchase computer codes they need
to "unlock" their program and begin to duplicate the disk.  Before they
duplicate, your name and address will have been automatically added to the
system as an additional code vendor and one name will have been deleted.


If you share a minimum of six disks and those 6 people do the same, you
will have 36 disks out there listing your name as a code vendor.  Each will
send you $20 along with a purchase order generated by their disk...(36x20 =
$720) and that is just for starters.  All you do is enter the purchase
order information into your program and your program will automatically
print out the codes they have purchased from you.  This takes about 30
seconds.  Mail the codes to your customers right away!!!  Remember, the
quicker they get their codes, the quicker your name will be duplicated
again.  The system carries 6 levels and if ech person just shared six
disks, you would have a potential of 216, 1296, 7776 and 46,656 customers
at each respective succeeding level.  That is a total of 55,980 and when
multiplied by $20 each, you have a total of $1,119,600.

MEGA$NETS will allow you to make and share as many disks as you wish!!!!!!!!!!!


That's right!!   It's impossible to cheat MEGA$NETS software!!   No names
and addresses can be erased to put in names of "friends" and the software
is programmed  to generate constantly changing codes that can not be
guessed.  Without correct codes nothing works!  You are a true computer
software vendor and provider of valuable information codes that only you
can provide for your customers.

The MEGA$NETS Business System Disk was developed by a professional
commercial computer programmer.  It looks professional and works very
professionally.  In addition, MEGA$NETS checks itself for viruses.  If it
finds modifications, it simply refuses to run, so your system is fully
protected without damaging your files.  The distribution process is
similarly safeguarded.  By holding a duplicate of the software within
itself, MEGA$NETS makes absolutely sure that each copy is the same as the
original, but with your personalized information added.

Let's take a minute and truly understand what this business is all about. 
First of all, it is NOT an investment.  You are purchasing a product: a
computer software program with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Next, you can buy codes that will unlock the program so you can make duplicated disks and sell them.  Soon customers will be requesting codes from you.  You become a vendor.  You have something your customers need.  That's real sales!! 
That's REAL business!!! Isn't that what American businesses do every day of
the week?  Don't they get paid for selling someone a product, a service or
just some type of information?


As we have seen, MEGA$NETS is like any other legal information driven
company.  First you sell the software program which includes valuable
marketing information your customers can use for ANY business.  Secondly,
as an information vendor, you will be selling valuable computer codes to
your customers.  Thirdly, you will be developing a mailing list out of your
customers that can help you in promoting other income opportunities you may
want to offer.
Huge multi-billion dollar wordwide companies do this every hour of every
day.  MEGA$NETS is no different. We just use network marketing to get the
job done.  Plus their are NO MEETINGS TO ATTEND, no corporate
headquarters,and no hot shot executives who can change the plan or grab
your earnings.

In effect you are the owner and CEO of your own computer software network
marketing company!  All you have to do now is purchase your disk and you
are on your way to having an earnings potential that could bring you
financial independence!  Just be ready to handle the volume! You are now in
the computer software mail order  business.  Treat this like a real
business and it can earn you the income of a real business! MEGA-INCOME!!! 
 I first thought of this as a gamble like putting a $100 on a blackjack
table in Reno....  a long shot, but fun to see the results, if any.   Well,
the rewards FAR outweighed the risk on this one!

		            	DO NOT WAIT!!!     DO IT NOW!!!
To Order your MEGA$NETS
Send $2 Cash or Money Order for Postage $ Handling to:

2420 PEARL ST.
SANTA MONICA, CA. 90405-2832

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