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It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people do not know they have a  
problem.  Of the 3 people that do, only 1 person thinks it will 
effect them.  Many experts say it will effect more than 85% of the 
total population.  The next Century will catch most people by 
surprise.  The problem first came to our attention with a new 
computer purchase in 1997.  Ever since then we have been hard at work 
finding solutions.  The "00" effect will Wreak Havoc on more than 
just computers.  Airlines are taking a holiday from flying. Think 
your car will start? (40% will not) Are your accounts going to be 
deleted? (25% will be!) Hope you don't know anyone dependent on a 
health device! (30 devices identified to fail) The expected cost to 
fix the problem is in the $400 billion range.  WHO WILL PAY?  YOU 
WILL, unless you are ready.  Our comprehensive program will test your 
computer, outline the problems you will experience and give you the 
information you need to deal with manufacturers, health facilities, 
government agencies, and financial institutions ( forms included ).  
A locator guide included to track breaking news.  Plus, exciting ways 
to cash in on this event.  After all, fortunes will be made and LOST. 
 Be a winner!  

WATCH THE GLOBAL NEWS!!!! ORDER NOW!!!!  Complete 30 Day, Money Back 

Send $9.95 cash, check or money order to:    
2000 Plus
P.O. Box 108
Adams, MA 01220-0108

*All materials shipped within 48 hours.*                         
**Checks subject to $20 NSF charge**

NAME: _________________________

Street Address: ___________________

City:  ___________________________

State ____  ZipCode_______-________

Email ___________________________** for future updates.

An Event of this Magnitude has not occurred since the American Stock 
Market crash of 1929.  If the average person had known just a year 
before, imagine what the outcome would have been!  

Copyright 2000 Plus. All rights reserved. Unauthorized Reproduction 

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