Research Project!!!!!!

Scott Davey sdavey at
Wed Mar 4 02:09:36 EST 1998

Dear Potential Participant,

        I am a 4th year student at Brock University in Canada.  I am
conducting research on computer use as recreation in relation to gender and
amount of time spent on a computer.  If you are over 18, and CHOOSE to
participate you will be eligible to win . . . yes you know it, you want it
. . . a Brock University BALL CAP and T-SHIRT PLUS a COMPACT DISK of your
choice ($20 maximum) note entry deadline March 8TH 1998.  A winner will be
selected by MARCH 20TH 1998.  


        There is NO obligation to participate, and you may withdraw at
anytime.  The purpose of this study is to examine recreational computer use
between gender.  Any survey questions need not be answered at your
discretion, however, no questions are harmful in any way.  All responses
will be kept confidential, until destroyed in April of 98.  It must be
noted that email is not a secure means of communication, and participation
is subject to such risk.

I, as a participant, have read, and understand the above. (Please mark with
an "X" in the appropriate box)

YES []          NO []

I would like to recieve an email summarizing the results of this study

YES []          NO []

Note: If you have any questions/concerns about participation, you may
contact Scott Davey or Professor Ann Marie Guilmette at (905) 688 5550 Ext.
3124 or 3259, or simply reply to this email.


        1. Hit the "REPLY" button at the top of your email program.

        2. For the first question, please put a lower case "m" for male or
"f" for female in the box beside the word GENDER.

        e.g.    GENDER          [f]

       3. For the second question, please input the AVERAGE number of
MINUTES you spend on the computer per WEEK, please include ONLY
recreational computer use, i.e. non work use, in the box beside the words

        e.g.    AVERAGE USE PER WEEK (IN MINUTES) [300]

        4. For the third question, please input your age in the box beside
the word AGE.

        e.g.    AGE             [32]

        5. For the remaining questions, 12 in all, read the sentence than
respond in the box below the sentence with a number.  1 meaning the
statement is never true, 2 meaning the sentence is rarely true, 3 meaning
the statement is sometimes true, 4 meaning the statement is often true, and
5 meaning the statement is always true.

        e.g.    When using the computer to achieve a goal, I am usually
successful at achieving that goal.
                RESPONSE        [4]

        6. When the survey is complete, hit the SEND button on your email
program, you are automatically entered into the contest.

                                SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE

PART ONE - fill in the boxes.
1.      GENDER                          []


3.      AGE                             []

PART TWO - choose the most appropriate response for the statement, and put
the response number in the box following the statement. Note: the following
questions are for RECREATONAL computer use.  

1-NEVER         2-RARELY         3-SOMETIMES     4-OFTEN         5-ALWAYS

4.      When using the computer I am usually good at new recreation
activities I try.

        RESPONSE        []

5.      I get bored when I use the computer for recreation.

        RESPONSE        []

6.      When I am using the computer for fun, I feel free to do whatever I
want to do.

        RESPONSE        []

7.      Concerns and daily routines in life seem more distant when I am
using the computer.

        RESPONSE        []

8.      I feel restricted in my ability to choose a computer activity for

        RESPONSE        []

9.      I am always aware of how much time I am spending on the computer.

        RESPONSE        []

10.     Using the computer can help me relax when I am angry or uptight.

        RESPONSE        []

11.     I lose track of time when I am using the computer for recreation.

        RESPONSE        []

12.     I feel nervous or anxious sometimes when using the computer.

        RESPONSE        []

13.     I have difficulty doing what I want to do when using the computer
for recreation.

        RESPONSE        []

14.     I feel like I have wasted time when using the computer for recreation.

        RESPONSE        []

15.     When using the computer for recreation, I concentrate completely on
the activity.

        RESPONSE        []


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